About Us

Gaspack LLC is a small business who prides ourselves on our ability to source premium hemp flower through our close relationships with farmers, and aims to deliver high quality flower at a fraction of the costs of our competitors, and other farms. Why should a farmer have to worry about shipping and advertising his product? We'll leave it to them to produce ever evolving varieties of organic Hemp flower, and we focus on getting it to the customer affordably while still maintaining a superior standard of quality.

Sourcing the finest product is only half the battle. In an industry seeing exponential growth such as hemp, a single provider could easily run out and it may take a couple months for them to grow more product. We pride ourselves on remaining in stock no matter the time of year. We leverage our connections with industry leading farms and wholesalers to make this promise a reality.

We make it an utmost priority to deliver these premium flowers promptly and securely to our customers. This is why every order is discreetly shipped in a sealed bag, and we provide all lab results and a disclaimer in the package, stating our compliance to the Farm Bill and our products' legality to limit seizure. Our shipping methods also ensure that the flower will make it to the customer without being smashed in transit.

Finally, none of this would be possible without you, our loyal customers! We'd like to thank you for showing your support and helping make our dream of affordable, organic Hemp flower delivered across America a reality!